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Thread: dating for 8 months

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    dating for 8 months

    I've been dating my gf for 8 months now and everything was up and down the last 8 months. Now for the last few weeks things have been really good and I love her to pieces. She and I have a huge distance problem, but we are gonna see eachother come this summer. She and I are gonna be moving in together come october. This is my first girl/girl relationship and Im scared and I don't want to mess anything up. Lately the distance has been a killer and we try our best to make the best of this. Im totally scared about being intimate and making it not ok for us both. I've been with a girl before, but we didn't get to intimate me and this last girl besides we were just experimenting. I've always had a thing for girls so I finally decided to date one and now I am. I've meantion to her that Im scared about the first time and she knows I am she said that I don't have to worry that it be ok and that she is gonna be here for me and that we will take it as slow as I want. I love her and I just don't want to ruin our first time together intimate what do I do?

    From Tee

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    HI THERE!!!

    It doesn't matter wheather you're going to be with a girl or a guy, the first time together is always a little akward.

    I was VERY nervous the first time me and my boyfriend had sex because it had been so long. I think that once you are with her and spend a little time together first, you won't be so nervous.

    I'm sure the waiting must be hell though. I hope you don't mind me asking but, do you parents know you like girls? I hope they are okay with it. I know some parents are soooo not understanding about same sex relationships. I always promised myself that if I ever have a child that likes the same sex they are, I would be 100% supportive!

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    Hey there thanks for replying to my topic. My parents know about me liking girls and are 100% behind me about who Im with. They love me no matter what as long as my gf treats me good thats all that matters to them. Your right I guess Im just worried a bit. THanks again

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