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Thread: just broke up feel suicidal please help

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    see sonja life does move on. it never ends with suicide. destiny willhelp you and you will see that now you can find someone who you can be closer to and not have to worry about a distance between you. see it's just something for you to overcome. it's an obsticle that you can win over. but you need to take that challange and go through all the way with it. see im glad that some one told me, because if not then i wouldnt be here today, and i wouldnt of seen my last 5 birthdays. with each and everyday you get stronger but only if you let yourself. if you dont then the mind will not be the same and you will have a very hard time being with someone else. so get up let the sunlight shine on your face sonja because if you do that then everyday you will be able to wake up and look outside and see the sun and it shine down you giving you hope for a brighter day. life will exist, but only if you choose to let it. and you always have a purpose in life, everyone does. take care sonja and your welcome, always an honor.

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    Is this pain ever going to go away?

    I am trying my best to be strong and I know I will probably be successful eventually specially with all the help from you folks. Thanks a lot for your care and concern. I have a few questions to ask though. This pain will go away, won't it? I don't want to get into any relationship or even casual date right now. I want to take things very slow, get over the hurt which seems impossible right now. Does time really heal?
    Secondly I have this great job in UK, I am a nutritionist, should I take it? Right now I am in the USA. I was very excited about it initially because we had dreamt of a life together. My boyfriend was always very supportive of it and the worst part is my workplace is just blocks away from his business establishment. I think its a bad idea to take up this job becasue it will cause more hurt in the long run.
    Thanks again,

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