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Thread: Caught up with loving two, internet love, talk to me!!!

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    Feb 2003

    Caught up with loving two, internet love, talk to me!!!

    Divorce and glad about it, I thought I would start a new business on the internet and stumble on a chat room called Fine Black Men. This was a good topic since I'm a fine black woman and want the same. Chatting and discovering that most of the conversation is bullcorn and the other half is take it or leave it. But, I was instant message by two men, who are both younger than me. Own their business like me and very attractive like me and have a great conversation. So we eventually exchange phone numbers and then beginning calling each others "well them me" everyday and all through the day. Both of them, still having my attention. I like the fact that these men are far away and not up under me all the time, wanting all my time, and they both say and do all the right things so far. But, they both have found a way to penetrate my heart through conversation and deeds. I want to meet them, they both live in NY, in which, I will also one day. I'm trying to find flaut in one so I can let him go and I cannot. Instead I daydreaming about making love with both of them, not at the same time. I feel like I'm cheating and I'm very careful with my conversation, as I don't want to call one man the other's man name. Both are very different in many ways, but I like them for their qualities in which they individually have. I'm going down in 8 weeks and in trying to decide on how I can do this and see both of them. Before I make my decision. I wanted to check out the physical attraction, does that mean that I will be making love to each of them, yes it does. I'm beginning to feel back, but I can't let go. Someone talk to me and be straight.

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    My two cents worth...

    Hi HoniBrown,

    You are in some situation. I would like to give you this idea: "The only obligation YOU have in life, is the obligation for YOU to be happy. If YOU are not happy, YOU cannot make anyone else happy."

    You seem to be stuck with two guys here, wondering what you should do. My idea is that you do whatever it takes to find out which one is making you the happiest. In this matter, physical attraction is important, but more important I find how they act towards you in person. You might be worried over nothing, finding out that one of them might not be as attentive as the other.

    One last advice I would like to give you: do you really need 'making love' on your 'first date'? There's always time and space for doing that later on. I am sure you don't want to give them false hope.

    I hope this helped you on your way and I wish you good luck and a lot of fun for when you're down there.

    ~ SwingFox ~

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