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Thread: Hello-i am new here!

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    Mar 2003

    Hello-i am new here!

    Hi i am new here and i am just putting this message on here to try and make new female friends-preferbly from the u.k if poss?
    My name is Tony,i'm 27 from England-very kind,caring and loving and down to earth etc...
    I have been single since my 4 year relationship came to an end last year and i'm hoping to corresponde with a nice,genuine,caring,friendly female (looks and age unimportant) who would like to become friends with me!

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    Dec 2002
    Hey Tony! My name is Lisa. I am 19 years old and from the US. I just figured I'd say hey since you are new here. If u ever wanna chat, you can email me at email removed. Toodles kiddo!

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