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Thread: Dont know what to do

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    Jan 2003

    Dont know what to do

    I have just met a guy . Hes cool fun to be with and all but theres a side of me not liking him and a side of me that does. Truth is Im in love but afraid to get serious with him. he is my 1s and this is just terrifying me . thanks for readin!

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    Keep it simple... be his friend...

    Hey you....

    Why don't you keep it simple? You don't need to be his steady friend. Just have fun with him by being a friend. I have a few friends that are female. I am male myself. Nothing wrong with that. Just be sure that if you get serious with someone else, to communicate that you DO have are having fun with other friends, but that there's really nothing to worry over.

    Bottom line: just have fun!!

    I hope this was of help ... good luck!!



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