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Thread: Still need help in fact!

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    Jan 2003

    Still need help in fact!

    Hi everyone!
    I've came to know about this site since my break up two weeks ago and till now i've tried to survive to these pains...but now I can no more wake up,eat,drink or sleep without thinking about him...Since three days i've been dreaming about him,and when i think about him it is as if my little heart is breaking into pieces!!!
    i can no more live like that in pains...Last week I didn't want to go out and instead i bothered myself about him!
    What should I do please???Help me

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    Jan 2003
    I'm sorry..Breakups are tough. From my experience with it, I would suggest keeping BUSY. Don't allow yourself to sit around the house and be alone. Go out, have fun, go to the gym. Do anything. If you find your at home by yourself and thinking about him start cleaing the house, wash your car, whatever it takes to be doing SOMETHING. Keeping busy is the best thing and with time you'll start feeling better. Hope it works out

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    Breakup Pain

    Dealing with breakup and moving on with your life.

    Firstly, it is very good of you to seek out help when you feel down and hurt. Love is very powerful and can break your heart, mind, spirit and eradicate any motivation for life when it is gone.

    But how do you get it back?

    You will have to reclaim it. You have a void in your life now. You need to work on rebuilding it. Find a new hobby, spend some more time with your close friends or family, or start a new workout plan.

    Either way do something that will entertain you and take your mind away from the thoughts of pain and regret for your recent relationship. If things are really bad you might need to get rid of anything that will remind you of the relationship, good or bad.

    Act on this, these emotions that you are feeling can tear you apart.
    Good luck to you.

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