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Thread: Separation Checklist?

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    Nov 2002
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    Separation Checklist?

    Anyone know of a checklist of everything you should take care of when you separate from your marriage...especially if the assumption is you're headed toward divorce?

    I want to do this right, be sensitive to my spouse's needs and emotions, and protect myself as much as possible.

    Any resources would be appreciated. Yes, I'm meeting with counselors and attorneys.

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    Oct 2002
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    Here's a helpful site...

    I found this site helpful a few years ago when I was going through a divorce. Although it doesn't have a "separation checklist" it does have a divorce checklist, which might be similar. (Not to take away from this forum, but...) It also has a bulletin board for posting messages about separation and divorce similar to this forum.

    Good luck,
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