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Thread: help, ex girlfriend who just got in contact, still miss her!

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    help, ex girlfriend who just got in contact, still miss her!

    Hi all

    Wonder if anyone would be so kind as to help me with a small problem?
    Try not to make it too long.

    Anyway, my girlfriend left me about 3 years ago .. don't blame her for it .. I took her for granted and stuff.
    I've always missed her since .. been out with other girls .. they liked me but I just felt they weren't the right ones.

    I continued to send friendly postcards to my ex from my travels around the world. Never really got much in the way of feedback except Xmas cards and birthday cards. Once my friend bumped into her and she was very friendly, asking how I was and if I was seeing someone etc .. just being friendly.

    So, this Xmas I got a really nice card from her ... saying I should pop in if passing, giving me her email address, asking me to tell her whats new with me and general friendly chit chat.

    I replied with an email, just friendly, nothing heavy at all .. just telling her whats new.

    Anyway, get an email today .. saying -----> 'Hi Baz & thanks for your e-mail, happy new year to you & your family. Blah blah. Please don't think i want to re-kindle anything..........it's just nice to catch up & i know you like having lots of friends!!!' The rest just stuff asking about friends and family.

    I emailed back laughing it all off, saying, couldn't be further from my mind and it was just nice to hear from her again .. and generally being cool about it and whats been happening with friends.

    SO, whats my plan to get her back, play it slowly? Whats her agenda .. is it as clear cut as she says?
    Any positive feedback would be really welcome, don't worry, I won't break

    Ta Ta

    Bas Getting Ready for a First Date

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    Jan 2003

    Nike says: "Just do it!"


    I think you have to think of what you really want with her. Do you want her to be your friend and get together like that, then stay that way. Are you looking for more? Hmmm... well, then make sure that you know what you are looking for.

    Should you want to get back together, I recommend you to make a list of what you expect out of a relation with her if possible at all, so you have something to talk about as soon as you two are being an issue again. The rest is done be communication. Communication leads to a better understanding.

    I hope I was of help for you and hope you will find your luck and hapiness in life. Good luck!!

    ~ SwingFox ~


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