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Thread: I know he's lying....

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    I know he's lying....

    I found out by listening to my boyfriend's messages on his answering machine that he is lying to me. He told me about a party we could have gone to, but he decided he didn't want to go and wanted to stay in. After listening to his machine, I found that his ex-wife called him to remind him of the party that was that night. Mind you, he told me his friend we will call Chris was having it, but come to find out his ex-wifes best friend was having the party. When I confronted him, he said his friend who is also a friend of his ex was having it and she was reminding him. The part that gets me is that he told me he only talks to her when it is involving their kids, so why did she call him? Why would he lie? Does this mean he's seeing her again? I have a gut feeling that he is, but I don't know what to think. Getting Ready for a First Date

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    Well As you said, there are kids involved. I really can't answer why his ex wife called him to remind him of the party. But I can say that just because he talks to her doesn't mean he is seeing her again. I mean after all, she is his ex wife for a reason. Sometimes we assume things that we think is right, but don't reallk now for sure. Even though what we assume makes the picture all fit together, doesn't mean there's not a different piece to the picture. From my point of view I don't see why he would be with you, if he wanted her. Just have faith in your guy, after all he at least deserves that. Maybe he didn't tell you exactly who was having the party but maybe he did that to protect you, or just the whole point you wouldn't worry.. You already confronted him about it, so theres not really much more you can do. Just let it pass, and if he lies to you again about something dealing with his ex wife, I would have to say kick him to the curb.

    Good Luck
    email removed if you need anymore help..


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