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Thread: Still need help!

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    Still need help!

    don't know if i've done the right thing.... despite i've break up ...i still think about him.... the big problem is that i'm trying to make an effort to forget him but unfortunately despite the long distance he is still calling me at home and i know when he'll be back in 10 days,he will try his best to meet me or talk to me.....
    what should I do? or tell him?

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    Jan 2003

    question the circumstances

    You frist say that you dont know if you have done the right thing. You need to ask yourself why you two broke up in the first place. Refresh your memeory of the pro's and con's of the relationship. There is a reason tou ended things in the first place. A reason big enough for you to be unhappy. It is totally natural for you to still think about him. You two were together. Break ups are never easy and moving on isn't either. Is he unclear about if you are still together or not? why does he continue to call? If things are over between you two then you should not play around like you are still together. If he tries to meet up with you when he comes back, you need to tell him that since you aren't together anymore, it would be difficult for the both of you to move on. Dont try to forget him. Dont forget relationships or have regrets. Use them as learning tools. guidelines of experience. It isn't about forgetting, it is about learning from it, and moving on. If you truly feel that you ahve made a mistake in breaking up with him, give it another shot. But my personal opinion is that there is usually a valid reason for breaking up in the first place and after getting back together that problem is not solved....


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