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Thread: closure

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    I am sorry you are going through this. I went through something very similar. My ex was 9 years younger than myself. She was from a broken home; at one point I think I was more like a surrogate father than a boyfriend. Either way you need to distance yourself from this person. You will end up getting hurt even more. She needs to find herself, like she said don't wait around for her. No one can guarantee anything in a relationship, it's even harder when things are so wishy washy as with your situation. There maybe more underlying issues. You spoke of depression, is she getting help for it? She might need counseling. If you can try and talk to her cousins and suggest that she get some help. Do you really want to be with someone that doesn't know what they want or where they are going? I am sure you love her and want to nurture her, but it's not always enough. Look out for yourself as dragging this on will just make it harder for you. If it helps, I do know how you feel. It's only been a month since my ex broke it off. It was sort of abrupt even though I knew we had serious issues. She did it over the phone, not in person. Day after day I dream and think of her, hoping against hope that she will call or email me. I knew she did love me at one point, but when did it stop? Or is that why she isn't calling because she is trying to get over me? See, try not to think about these things because it's maddening. I go out and meet people; girls...but I can't find myself interested. I have to repeatedly tell myself it's over and there is no chance to get back with her. It does help, each day it's a tad bit easier. I try to keep busy. Most of all I have to just remember the good times we had. Try not to think about the past too much. Tell yourself repeatedly that it is over. It may not be over, but to cling to the past or what might be will drive you crazy. Well I hope it helps, good luck.


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