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Thread: Advice ! Please!

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    Jan 2003

    Advice ! Please!

    I need advice.
    I am gay man ,and never been with a women.
    But , not long time ago I meet a girl. And I can`t stop thinking about her.
    She is so gorgeous and sexy. I started catch myself, that I am dreaming about having sex with her.
    I don`t know ,what to do.
    I don`t have ahy experience with girls .
    Is it normal or I go insane?
    I would like to know if anybody have been in situation like this? Getting Ready for a First Date

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    Jan 2003

    Wow... hard ... but support

    Hey Ted,

    No, I have not been in a situation like this. I am straight, so there. I can understand your confusion, though. I don't have specific advice for you, but if you are not in a relation already, why not trying and explore your feelings. That would be perfectly well. The only thing you will have to watch, is that you are not going to hurt this woman. May be it might be a good idea to be honest over things and tell her straight out your history.

    Good luck!

    ~ SwingFox ~

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    Jan 2003


    Hey well im a girl, and i think gay guys are sexy as hell and sweet and wonderful, and hey maybe you have been focusing on guys so much that you didnt really realize that you might be (bi) but hey, i say go for her, but please tell her how you feel first, because if she really starts to like you, and you find out, you might not really like her as much as you thought, she will be so sad... so pease! Tell her how you feel first, before you do anything! Its worthe it, its better than breaking someones heart... right?


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