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Thread: Compatibility/communication questions

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    Compatibility/communication questions

    Josh has decided he doesn't want this floating around the Internet anymore.

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    Dear Josh,

    Your thoughts on the issues you stated are definetly not out of wack. Hi! i have been in a 4 year relationship with a girl and gone through alot of problems, so let me give you my opinion on the way I see things.
    Firstly your ideas about what a relationship are very mature, what you described is right, anyone couple no matter the differences they may have can work through their problems.
    You and I have alot in common, - i went through the same myself -which is why i want to help you. Try and forget about her an find someone who is on the same level as you are, i.e has the same ideas about what a commmitment is, because that is what all this is about. If she had a problem and she was commited she should have talked to you about it before it become such an issue. ie her main interest was to keep the relationship alive. If her interest level in you was high enough she'd have sent you smoke signals just to get her message accross!!!
    The worst thing you can do is try and win her back because you will just lower her level of interest in you. Go to link removed and read all the "doc love" articles on being a challenge and maintaining romance in a reltionship to prevent this from happening in your next relationship.
    The bottom line is:
    She just wants an excuse to be left alone, perhaps she is playing the field. you really dont want to go back to her because you will always feel like you have to try extra hard to keep her interest and it will soon become one sided.
    Take it easy
    P.S. Consider this idea and hers of a relationship are based on what you learnt from your parents, how was her childhood, were here parents as dedicated as yours or are they divorced. This could be a major factor.
    Hope I've helped!

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