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Thread: is she trying to dump me nicely?

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    Oct 2002

    is she trying to dump me nicely?

    hi, i bin going out with this great girl for about 6 weeks now, and when ever we are together we never wanna leave each other but I have to becouse i work,but what im trying to say it my girlfriend longest relationship is one week until now ( 6 weeks ) but in the last few week she has bin thinking on dumping me, but what i don t get is that she say she dosen t wanna leave when were together but when we are not together she think about it, and she has said that she has came so close to it but didn t. she say she loves me and wants to go out with me for a long time, so now she is saying lets take a couple weeks break from each other, but anyway what im trying to say is she trying to dump me nicely or dose she want a break. she say i haven t done one thing wrong or bad and she say im the perfect boyfriend and this is her problem not mine so im confuesed to, SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME

    sorry if its hard to read but im really tired from work becouse im working overtime and i want help, i don t wanna lose her

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    Dec 2002
    i think she needs to stop messin with jo head first she never wants to leave when u guys be togetha then when your aprt she goes oh i think im gonna dump you soon ooooookkaaaaaaay???? i think she thinks about dumping you when you guys arent together cuz it sounds to me she wants a guy who can give her your full attetion 24/7 but yah see yah cant cuz u be working overtime but anyways iono but thats all i know

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