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Thread: I'm going to propose marriage to my boyfriend on christmas

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    I'm going to propose marriage to my boyfriend on christmas

    hey, I already bought the ring, I'm just debating on ways to go about it. I have a couple of pretty good ideas, but could use some advice.... He is 14 years older than me, I'm 18.

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    Proposing to your boyfriend at Christmas


    I think its great you are going to propose to your boyfriend. I am actually in the same situation, I will be proposing to my boyfriend on Xmas morning and I thought you might like to hear my plan. I am going to get up in the morning before him and put on some sexy underwear, and make some breakfast for him, then once we have opened all our presents, I am going to give him quite a big box and when he opens it it will have the ring box in it which has a wee note inside the box telling him how much I love him and inside the ring I have had it engraved saying "marry me". If he says yes I have two champagne glasses and a small bottle of champagne wrapped up so we can have a wee celebration before going to my parents house.

    Let me know what you think of my plan and also what your boyfriend says.

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