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Thread: female body language

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    female body language

    I'm really intrigued by female body language. Here's what I know:

    maintaining eye contact--positive interest
    rolling her eyes or putting her eyebrows together--negative feelings
    twirling her hair--insecurity, boredom
    making multiple looks--positive interest
    looking down once you catch them--shy girl's positive interest
    avoiding eye contact altogether--no interest

    Please tell me whatever you know concerning this.

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    Umm, twirling hair is not dis-interest. My Sociology teacher told me that twirling hair is a sign of insecurity due to attraction. Anytime somebody plays with anything with their fingers (including other fingers) is a sign of nervousness and if the situation is such, attraction.

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    watching your mouth - interseted in what you have to say....
    sitting facing you is a good sign, as is nodding of the head.
    Moving nearer to you a little, as you spaek, as she wants to haer ALL you are saying. Slapping you a bit, in jest, when u make her laugh. Laughing when you take the mickey a bit.

    The list is endless!!


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    I've noticed that I'm always twisting my hair between 2 fingers if I like an pointing 1 of my feet end to the man I like. I just can't control it and stop it. I do it and I don't feel when I do so I read about it somewhere that my body shows that I like that person and I'm showing him my affection to him.


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    right over there
    Well, from this flirt, I use body language when I'm trying to get his attention and keep it. Follow his eyes until he looks at me, then wink and smile while looking away. Pretend I can't hear him so he'll lean closer to speak (if the venue is loud). Find any excuse to playfully touch his arm, pat knee, or lightly steady myself on his shoulder. Stand side by side, not face to face, because you can be much closer. There it is. all my secrets.
    As far as your lady is concerned, eye contact is always good. Shyly looking away, also good. Avoiding eye contact,...what's the context happening there? Could be insecure, not disinterested. I've done that A LOT before I figured out the message it was sending. Hair twirling? dunno. could be a nervous habit.

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