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Thread: Can I trust her again

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    Nov 2002

    Can I trust her again

    Dated for 4 years and found out after she left that she has done the things I thought would never happen. After being convicted that she had been lying to me since the beginning of our relationship that she was raped but insted had sex with the guy (which was before me). She kissed 3 others guys when we broke up for the first time ( two of them were with my best friends). Everytime I would not hang out with her anyguy that would ask her to go out to the movies she would it didnt matter who it was. . She never told me becasue she was not ready for everyone to think that this model girl was actually trailer park trash. I still love her but dont know if I can trust her when she gets home and what she says for the rest of my life with her. Is this a step that she will continue doing so I can trust her? I definalty can do this again with her if she will lie to me about her being with other people. Sh has finally admitted that she has a lieing problem.

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    Dec 2002
    damn no way u cant trust this girl again she has lied to you many times and admitted she has a lying problem and u actually think u can trust her again??? um no u cant just forget about this girl since she wont be truthful to you and being truthful is a big must in a relationsip

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