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Thread: Begged back and then dumped

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    Begged back and then dumped

    7 years ago a woman and I along with 6 kids feel in love and lived as a family-she worked all the time and I stayed home and was mom. Well last year things had built up with kids, house and past issue's that I needed to work on. She being so busy did not have time to follow with house rules and take part in her kids life and my kids were feeling i had no time for them alone either. So I set out to find help for my self on past issue's and present ones- I thought it time that her kids had their mom to them self for awhile also. Well I went to therapy etc, she begged me and begged me back saying she really knew what she had and did not take the time for it. Well we dicided that I would move to her new town of employment come summer when the kids were done with school. Well she goes out one night with this other woman and is now telling me she is in love and wants to be with her and feels she will be with her for a long time. One night tells her all of this? they are both very smart woman with degrees up the butt-this other woman has been a lesbian all of her life-my ex and I were firsts for each other. she says she wants me in her life as a soul mate friend, she loves me, wants to talk everyday or so, and wants us both to do our paths together but not in a partner relationship-Now am I nuts or does anyone agree with me that a one night thing with sex included really tell someone all of this? they have been together for 3 weeks today-but most of their time has been apart due to the trips they have been on for work etc. i have made a fool out of my self by crying and saying everything in my power to get her back-it has not worked. so please anyone give me something to read so I feel that am either nuts or she is a bit nuts also-do i move on-with the thought that there is no way this will work as my ex has kids and the other has never and my ex's kids hate the idea that there mom is even a lesbian!!-am just confused and really wanting her back-told her i would come back even if i were with someone else- so any help would be good. thanks all Getting Ready for a First Date

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    The fact of the matter is that you are going to have questions that will never be fully or partially answered about what happened. Coming to terms with that is one of the biggest steps to getting over the break up. I have just recently lost my lover because she went back to her ex. It was rough and I had tons of questions but after several weeks of wondering "what the heck happened" I came to the conclusion that she loves him more than me. For some reason I found solice in figuring that out. I mean, would I want her to want to be with him while she was with me? Would I want her miserable and in turn making me miserable? Relationships end. Feelings change. You will never know all the answers but I believe that things happen for a reason. I still miss her, but I find that I am having to remind myself to miss her. Funny how that happens.


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