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Thread: Should still ask her out and let her know how I feel?

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    Should still ask her out and let her know how I feel?

    Well There is a girl who I know for like 3 months, she works at the bank.
    Every week I go to that bank and go straight to her ,if anbody else asks me whether I need help I just say no I am fine.SHE IS LIKE REALLY FRIENDLY TO ME.
    She know that I like her.
    Last week I saw the ring but it was in the different finger so i was quite happy.I was goin to ask her out yestreday but then i saw the ring again in the right finger before asking her out I just asked her whether she is married or not and she said yes.I didn't ask her out .She asked me whether I am married or not and I said no.It's not easy for me to forget about her.do u think i should still ask her out and let her know how I feel about her.She is a muslim and I don't whether they are kind of orthodox,but she is american now.PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS.

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    question of morals

    You should not pursue this any further.

    All you will be doing is making yourself look bad. She will look down on you as a pathetic animal seeking any female companion that you can find. Rather you should ask her if she has any friends that are single that look as nice as her. That might be a better move for you.

    This way if she is attracted to you she will put in a good word with her friends.

    You'll be fine.

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