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Thread: My ex GF wants communciation with my daughter

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    My ex GF wants communciation with my daughter

    My ex recently broke up with me after a year realtionship. She suddenely moved 1500 miles away for "herself". It was quite speedy and I took it hard and went through the normal greiving periods, all the time without any real answers as to why. I have since discovered that she went back to her old boyfriend, and even did it when she was still living with me in my house until she could move.

    She wants nothing to do with me, nor will she communicate with me. She told me that "her life was no longer any of my business". However, she wants to continue a relationship with my 11 year old daughter, who she only knew for about 11 weeks total as my daughter lives with her Mom quite a distance from us. She is sending her gifts and email, and feels it is her right to continue a relationship with her. I feel that it is wrong and that as she is proving very unstable and deceitful, that it is best that she not have any contact with my daughter until she straightens out her own life.

    Any thoughts from anyone? She is absolutely livid with me about my decision.

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    You as your parents father has the obligation of raising that child along with her mother. If both of you are doing that she really has no place.

    I am a bit shocked at all of this and I am wondering if perhaps she is using your daughter as a "tool" to keep tabs with you. That of course is simply a guess.

    But to answer your question. Since the two of you are no longer together it would be best that she has no contact with you or your family.

    To do so, would be pointless.

    Think it out and make the right decision.


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