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Thread: Internet

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    Hey guys I have a question. My partner spends alot of time in the internet. I suspct that he has anaccount in a adult friend finder. He says he deleted his but everytime he pulls up the page his name is in the login box. Is it possible for the name to still be there from when he use to log in or is he still logging in? He "clicks" alot when I go in the office where the computer is at but I really don't know. Latley Ive sat on the computer and I have noticed a slight nervousness from him. Maybe its just me and he's not nervouse. How can I find out.


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    computer infidelity

    Try to picture what the worst thing that he may be doing is...he is going into chat rooms for the purpose of meeting one night stands...Just keep that possibility in your consciousness for a few minutes while you contemplate your feelings about him, your relationship and your future choices. How would you treat him if this were real? Ignore him completely? Make plans to leave him? Are you contemplating marriage to him in the future or someone else? Make your choice based upon what is the highest level of infidelity that you could tolerate and remain in the relationship with him, and go with it. He may get off on the risky behavior and the lying that goes with it...Under no circumstances should you put up with his risky behavior. He is most clearly a taker. Someone who takes without giving. Don't put up with it anymore. If you are living with him without marriage then he probably feels like you are willing to put up with almost anything and that will help him continue his risky behavior.

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    you need to look

    get the thing that records all im post and chats and emails and you will know specter is name of one there are many and they cost about 29 bucks

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    I would of thought doing the above thing might of made him think you don't trust him (eventhough you don't), and so he might be upset, and its an invasion of privacy i think .
    On the internet browser thingy (the thing your using to browse this website - eg, internet explorer), click on the History button, and it displays all the websites someone has been on. Also, cookies stores log in info, so try deleteing the cookies, by going; my computer, C, windows, then click on a folder called tempory internet files or something, and it should show all the websites and all the log ins you have, or something similier. Click on the dodgy ones, and see whats on there, and/or press delete. Hopes this helps, but you are in a tricky situation. Best of luck.


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