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Thread: Would you use someone else's TOY?

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    Aug 2002

    Would you use someone else's TOY?

    Ok, This is a strange question and really I wasn't sure where else to ask it and get an honest answer. "Would you use another persons "sex toy" if it were sanitised in bleach and boiled in hot water?"
    The reason I'm asking is because I was having this argument with my husband about how disgusting it would be to use some other girls TOY! He said "Well you were willing to put a man's thing in you that had been other places!" and he added " You let a man ejaculate inside you..isn't THAT even more disgusting?" So help me out here is it the same?
    A very convincing argument however, I still think that it is gross to use someone else's TOY! Let me hear your comments.

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    Oct 2002
    I'm not sure if this is a discussion of an actual situation or theoretical, but being married myself for some fifteen years now, I've come to realize that this question has two possible answers, the correct answer, and the right answer.

    From the typical 'man' view, it's been sterilized, so why not use it. - this is the correct answer. Your husband has certainly supplied ample examples regarding this.

    From the woman's view, I won't use ANYTHING In/On/Around my privates that has EVER been associated with ANYONE else EVER. How dare you try to recycle someone elses leftovers on me!

    From an emotional standpoint, I agree with you. From the pragmatic standpoint, I agree with the man.

    The RIGHT answer in this situation is:

    Honey, dearest, love of my life, I understand your feelings, and it's not worthing arguing about a $20 love toy if you are REALLY opposed to using it. Let me run right out a get a new one just for you, or if time is of the essense, that cucumber in the fridge is about the same size, oh, and look, there's even some honey and chocolate syrup there too.......

    Unless you and he are in bed with 'company', and all are active participants, in which case you're already swapping germs all over the place, or unless the toy is made of 24k gold, throw the stupid thing away and start fresh. In fact, why not go TOGETHER to pick one out.........

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