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Thread: This is so hard to deal with

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    Sep 2002

    This is so hard to deal with

    Josh has decided he doesn't want this floating around the Internet anymore.

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    Hey...look....confession, i didn't read your whole post thingy...because it is way too long...but...i did read the first bit, and the end ......don't go trying to win her back, because chances are you'll make a fool out of yourself, no offense. NO, DON"T RISK LOSING YOUR FRIENDSHIP MAN! I think that you should move on, you have to eventually..you will find someone, even better than her.....i know you will...you are only 19 for gods sake..and your saying that she is the best you've ever had....JEEZ.. you have so much time to find "the one". And if she really is the one for you, then she will come to you...because it's fate...

    you'll live....everything will work out just fine....all in good time....

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    Feb 2003
    hi, hey I know how ya feel, i got the same "I just dont feel the same about you" message after a for year romance that was just about as great as you can imagine. i go on a trip, she was depressed and feeling lonly and decided to go out on a date, this being only a couple of weeks after she told me she wanted to get married with me sooner than planned and have a child with me, something i always wanted.

    She must have got cold feet and sabotaged the relationship, the worts thing is i never , i mean never did anything wrong we always were great together, im talking about a girl that would cry with joy to see me.
    and now she hates me because i got upset over what she did.

    so you see , your not alone, you have feelings, this makes you a great person, i understand how hard it is for you because you cant really "heal" because you havent really "broken up". you still talking with her.

    i know this will be tough, but i think you should stop or slow down by a large margin the communications with her. dont give her details of your life, dont act depressed or sad in front of her, dont tell her you mis her and want her back etc.

    She may still love you but is just protecting herself from heartbreak again, because she maybe unsure how the long distance relationship is going to work out, also friends of hers may have put doubts in her head, so it could be a, ill breakup with him before he does with me.

    so play it cool, i know you want her back but it cant be forced, dont try and make her jeolous by saying your dating other girls etc. because this could be the insecurity that moved her to breakup with you in the first place. you see the only thing she is missing in your current relationship is the physical part, and the title of "girlfriend" shes still getting the most important part for her, the friendship with you etc.

    So through your actions, let her feel that she cant really have one with out the other your a "package" deal. dont tell her vocally, but dont be so available.

    If this doesnt work out, at least you would have weened off her a bit and will make it easier to move on. where your at, im sure there are more gals than guys, you will get over this, your not weak, your a sensitive guy and thats good, because it makes you better than most. Just be carefull with women, some prey on "sensitive guy flesh" and spit it out, they like in particular the heart, some will put a love spell on you, where you actually take your own heart out and give it to them, and when they had enough of you, they put your heart through a meat grinder and laugh in your face. so beware of those monsters in the future. take it from someone that also has very tasty "sensitive guy flesh. lol, im sure your ex girlfriend is not one of these critters, i think she has been bitten buy a couple of predators herself and is just putting up her defenses.

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