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    When I returned from Saudi Arabia in Dec, me and my girlfriend of three years were in love like never before. I never thought anything would come between us. Then all of a sudden, she goes to church one Sunday and becomes a Christian, and all of a sudden she judges me in every way that she can. We were living together ( because she couldn't get along with her brother) and almost married. She left me because her aunt told her I wasn't the person she was supposed to be with. Just like that. I did everything for this girl. When she didn't have a job, I took care of her like she was my wife. We fussed a good bit after we moved in together, but it was never over anything serious. Mostly because I like to ride motrocycles.

    After all of this cooled down, we kinda got back together. We hung out, went to church together, everything except sex. Then I get notified I would be going back to Saudi. We spent the night before I left together, playing around, joking. But when I get over here, we talked like 3 times and she wants to end it for good. She won't answer the phone when I call, hangs up in my face. But when I do get a chance to talk to her, she tells me that she loves me and I need to get "SAVED" in order to be with her. This is coming from the same person who was always going out and basically doing whatever she wanted, now she's a Christian who thinks she knows everthing about religion. I love her and really want to be with her. I wasn't perfect in our relationship, but I never judged her. I'm 23 and she's 21. I've been in the military for five years. Should I just leave and be done with it or what?? It hurts like crazy when I think she with somenone else. Even when I know she's not PLease help Feeling the blues in Saudi Arabia

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    This is a good example of why i have a problem with religions in general, not the divine spirit but "organized" man made religions. the mightier then thou, your not worthy followers that twist and ruin the message of the surpreme being.

    She probably still loves you but is now being pressured from others, but in her mind she believes that she goes against the wishes of others shes going against the wishes of god. I always though God was about love, but some religious groups think god is about recruiting and "saving" others from themselfs.

    Id just tell your girl that you still love her, but that she is not following the message of love that god put into her heart, and that you also agree that this break-up would be for the best , until she can follow the path that was placed in her heart.

    Dirty trick you say, no, im not very religeous but i dont believe that the way to heaven has to be paved with sacrifice and pain. that a bunch of BS.
    they are telling her shes better than you, and that she would be "saving" you by doing all this, now shell see shes not sving anything but destroying.

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