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Thread: My partner has left me, for his children

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    My partner has left me, for his children

    I was seeing my parnter for about 2 months while he was still living at home with his wife and children.3 weeks ago i had a call from his wife saying that i was welcome to him because she had found out about the affair.I was hoping that this day would come, where he would move in with me, but never forced him to leave his wife.He has been living with me for 3 weeks, where every day was getting harder and harder because he was frightened of loosing his children. His wife was telling him that if he didnt leave me then he would not see his children anymore. Along with some friends I told him that she could not stop him from seeing his children because he was a good father. Cutting a long story short. He has now left me and is living back home in the spare bedroom. I love him very much, and miss him loads.He's told me that he loves me very much and wants me, but he has convinced himself that he can't have both ( Me and children 9yrs/12yrs) He cried for hours before leaving me and said that he can't take any more.

    I want him back badly he is my world and my life, I can't live without him, he has made me so happy and I know he's happy with me too. He wants me to leave him alone but I dont know if I can. Please can someone help me and give me some advice about what I could do to make this relationship between me and his children work.

    I'm all alone, and broken hearted, he promised me that he would never leave me and he would always love me.


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    time off

    I think that it is fair to let him have time with the family. He sounds like a great guy who is caught in a tough situation. I think that both of you should try to see what will be best for the children.

    We cannot control other people, we can only control our reaction to what they are doing.

    I hope that the children are better off no matter which decision he makes.

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