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Thread: Raised ex's kids for nine years...now what?

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    Raised ex's kids for nine years...now what?

    I dated my ex for 7 years and new him for 2 years before that. He was a widower when I met him and his children were 2 and 4 years old. We have been apart for 9 months now and I've gone from seeing his children every day to about once every 6 weeks. I'm having a hard time getting over this relationship in general, but even a harder time moving on from these children that I've loved and nurtured for so long. He has made it clear that though he doesn't have a problem with me seeing them, that I will no longer be involved in the daily parts of their lives. (i.e school, sports, etc...) Being around the children and speaking to them means that I"m inevitably seeing and speaking to him which is making the healing process even harder and longer. Anyone been there? Have any advice?

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    Hang in there!


    Did you live together? I don't know where you live, but you should probably see a lawyer. Where I live, any couple that were together that long are considered "Common Law" and receive most of the rights of married couples. I think any competent judge would see the importance allowing the maternal figure in these children's lives for 9 years access to them.

    Good Luck

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