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Thread: I'm finding it difficult to meet girls

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    Apr 2002

    I'm finding it difficult to meet girls

    I am a 19 year old student from Northampton and I'm finding it difficult to meet girls. In the 1999/00 school term loads of girls from other girls would come and sit next to me on the bus and talk to me which I enjoyed back then. But now I feel like I'm being left out. Can you please give me any tips on how to meet girls, what to say to them, how long you need to know her before you ask her out. Years ago I like several girls I asked some of them out and then they would start giving me horrible looks as if they dislike me for no reason. I would be grateful if you can help.

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    Now is the time to meet girls! Believe it or not it only gets harder! You say the girls used to come over and sit with you, but now they don't. What has changed?

    Join all the extra-cirricular activities you are interested in, this is your absolute best way to meet people. You have to interact together, there is always something to talk about, it's the ultimate dating service.

    Get out there and mingle, do not wait for them to sit next to you on the bus. You may be waiting forever.

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    Your still young and im sure you have plenty of time to meet ladies. I waited a whole year to find love, i never dated that whole year, then there he was... Heres some pointers from a girls prospective 1) Have confidence in youself, thats a really big turn on 2) Be yourself, dont try to meet girls using a fake personality, then you wont have to try so hard to be something your not 3) If you see a girl you like, make eye contact with her, give her a cute smile, and leave the rest up to her, play a little bit of eye games with her, show her your not afraid to look her in the eye. 4) If in any case you do find a girl and go on a date, dont use cheesey pick up lines and dont compliment her too much, a few here and there are ok, you might scare her... good luck

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    ya, but

    hi i'm 23 and from south africa

    whats been said is true, but what i want to stress has already been covered. I have discovered in the last couple of years that it doesnt pay to sit around and wait for the girls to come to you, because, realistically, unless you are tom cruise or something, it ISN'T GONNA HAPPEN.

    What you have to do is get out there and MINGLE. Every weekend, you should be out in pubs, bars, clubs with 1 or 2 like-minded friends who are also looking for women. It's a simple fact that the more shots you fire, the more likely you are to hit the target - the more you go out, the more likely you are to score with women. If you never fire your gun, you can't get women. Also, the more you go out, the more you learn about flirting skills, reading womens' body language, etc (which can be a pain for beginners - I am still struggling).

    So, get out there and make it happen! Life was never meant to be easy for guys, but that's the way it is!

    Good luck


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    Aug 2002

    Girls are attracted by pheromones

    Girls dont date guys for looks, I see ugly monsters with hot girls all the time, and most of these guys have personalities of a stone. Its basically ewither youve got it or you dont, and if your personality doesnt work and you act like yourself which you probably do, use a fake one, all guys do, dont act like yourself, act strong and macho, trust me its the laws of nature girls dont want a sissy who acts all quiet they go for the loudmouth who attracts attention, make up stories about big aspirations youhave and impress them even if it is lies. This will work, lure her in, then shell be yours(then you can act yourself)
    P.S. Dont listen to the be yourself B.S. it doesnt work

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