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Thread: Am I sex addict or something else?

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    Apr 2002

    I know I have a problem , but where do I go for help!
    Am I sex addict or something else?
    Here is how I am:

    Ignorant, arrogant, nervous, full of hate!
    Sex compulsive behavior: in last 9 years I went 5
    times to strip clubs (stayed only once), bought 2
    "Playboy" tapes, masturbated maybe 5 times, watched
    sex magazines at airports (never bought one) , watched
    "Real Sex" show Thursdays on HBO!

    Before that (10 years ago) at one point I was
    masturbating every day (for 3 months) and for three
    years I was regular watching soft porn (never hard-I
    hate them), gong to clubs...

    First time I masturbated when I was 39 years old!!!
    I have problem with premature ejaculation.

    I have beautiful, caring and loving wife!
    She doesn't know about my problem!

    Please tell me where should I go for help?

    Thank you


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    Sex Addict

    Dear George:

    There is nothing wrong with you, you are a normal healthy male. You should talk to your wife about some of the things you are feeling. Tell her about your desires, let her watch you masterbate - that is a total turn on for woman - and I even bet she won't let you finish on your own!
    Watch soft porn with her - the more you share together the better sex life you will have. Marriage is a wonderful thing where you can explore, share and carry out fantasies without feeling dirty or cheap.
    Maybe your wife is feeling unfulfilled to and cannot open up to you - does she reach orgasm?
    If you take her out for a nice dinner and romance her, you may be pleasantly surprised about how many of your feelings, she may be sharing silently with you. Have fun, go together to a sex shop - don't be ashamed, your married and will only show the other people in there that you are really into each other and want to have intense sexual relations.
    Your bodies are made for each other - explore them to the fullest.
    Instead of always masterbating, grab her in the middle of the night, put your hard penis between her legs and she will be wet for you in no time.
    I love it when my husband does that for me.
    Good luck, George - I will be watching for your reply.

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    May 1978


    I am 29, sex and alcohol addict, trying to live a celibate life, but controlled by my compulsions. I frequent gay beats and engage in anonymous sex. I tell myself that I am giving up, but I become possessed and a fever overtakes me, my heart races, and my feet start to carry me away to do things I will regret the next day.
    What can I do to stop and get some integrity back into my life?
    I have been through some trauma in my life and am tired of playing the victim role.....but it's too late now that I'm hooked.

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    Oct 2002


    Why are you trying to be celibate? Why don't you try to meet some one to have a relationship with?


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