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Thread: aggressive 12 year old

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    I have a 12 year adopted son who has been through a traumatic time with the break up of his parents. His mother and I are now partners.

    He has always been a mischevious, good looking lad and has had to change to 9 schools in 8 years because of the movement of his parents.

    He is very aggressive to his teachers often confronting them and leading others on to do the same. We are currently living abroad in the home country but he is under the impression that if he fails "again" the remedy will be to return to live with his father in England. It is almost certian that this option is not available as the father could not cope with the responsibility (one oif the reasons for the breakup). He is moody, aggressive to other family members and likes listening to obscene rap lyrics.

    He has the incredible ability to lie with complete plausibility and indeed is a very clever boy. He is attractive to the girls but they have ben warned to avoid him at school because of his disruptive influence. Any ideas?

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    i really dont understand, cant you see the stress hes going threw? maybe hes taking it out on the wrong people. i honestly dont know what to say. i listen to rap music all the time... if he likes it ...hey why not? if he start listning to opera...would u be consern? i dont understand, maybe you should let him do what he wants... if he wants back with whoever. let him go...dont do what makes you happy, do whats best for him!

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