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Thread: Guilt

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    My problem is this. About four years ago my Dad remarried an old sweetheart that had his child many, many years ago without his knowledge. Both of them later married and had other kids but then found each other again. I know have a half-sister, a full-sister, and a step brother. And my step-brother shares the same mother as my half- sister. My brother has a different Dad and I have different mother. My brother and I are four years apart and I have been attracted to him. A couple of nights ago my brother and I were sitting around talking and one thing led to another and him and I did some pretty serious making out. We came very close to sex but I stopped the whole thing. We both know it was wrong and I have no itention on it happening again but now I feel guilty. I feel guilty and ashamed because of what we did and because I'm attracted to him. I don't know what to do. Any advice???

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    wait lemme sort this one

    ur step bro's father is not ur father
    and his mom is ur stepmom, and not ur natural mom.

    so in reality, both of u din share any common genes at all, in other words, u're only related in name and not in blood.

    so, i dun think it is incest. although going so quickly is not a good idea. and it is better to think things through, cuz u need to consider,

    ur dad and mom, how do they feel about this
    both u and ur bro would be theoretically living quite closely, and if anything happens, the impact will be pretty big on u, him, ur parents, and ur sis.
    there shld be a few more points to consider, thou i haven't tot of them yet.

    in short, it is not wrong, but may be a bad idea, unless both of u have tot through things, and accept the price. becuz everything have will have consequences. and not everyone will approve, even thou theoretical it is not wrong.

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