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If I had a BF that made a comment like that I would have rolled my eyes, and given him the head shake with smirk. And say ok lover boy enjoy your moment lol
LOL Same...

I'm thinking more along these lines:

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Going with the original post, did you consider that the girl was shocked that any of the guys thought that way about her? Teen girls often think they are not attractive and she may have felt that way too. If any guy had said that about me I'd have been completely shocked. You are too judgmental.
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Oh, geez! If I had heard that come from a HIGH SCHOOL reunion? You bet I'd share that with my partner, and we'd both have a chuckle.

It's high school--so it's high school stuff. If I were with a partner who'd take that so seriously that he'd complain to a friend about it? I'd want to know about that, because he certainly wouldn't be the secure and confident grown adult I'd come to know well enough to love.

However, if this were a new relationship, and the guy I'm dating wasn't exactly my 'partner' yet? I'd still enjoy a good chuckle, and I'd keep it to myself.

Bottom line: it depends on where this guy is with this woman. She either has faith in him to enjoy the joke, or she's sprung it on him prematurely, and she has lousy judgment.

He gets to pick.