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Thread: Green Flags

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    Platinum Member Cherylyn's Avatar
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    Mar 2019
    Empathy. Also, for my husband, I observe how he treats others. He treats others with respect, common courtesy, common decency, integrity, morals, always been a classy gentleman and he also possesses an intelligent sense of humor which is a huge plus. I like people who make me chuckle and laugh. People never forget how you made them feel and if they can be witty, they're a winner in my book! However, he's not goofy. I don't like goofy people.

    Being a great listener and shared values tops my list as well.

    A huge green flag is humility. My husband is very humble and I admire humble people.

    I prefer simple people. I don't like complicated, tricky, sneaky, manipulative, slick people. I like people who are the opposite of that which are green flags.

    I'm very picky and being picky and choosy has always paid off in the long run.

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    Platinum Member Wiseman2's Avatar
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    Apr 2016
    Cloud Nine
    These would be part of my list. Meaning low on neuroticism and high on conscientiousness and agreeableness.

    Agree red flags are easier to rule out than composing a list of must-haves.

    The big five personality traits
    The theory identifies five factors:

    openness to experience (inventive/curious vs. consistent/cautious)
    conscientiousness (efficient/organized vs. extravagant/careless)
    extraversion (outgoing/energetic vs. solitary/reserved)
    agreeableness (friendly/compassionate vs. challenging/callous)
    neuroticism (sensitive/nervous vs. resilient/confident)

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    Platinum Member Cherylyn's Avatar
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    Mar 2019
    Another HUGE green flag is "emotional intelligence." All relationships and friendships are doomed for failure without it.

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    Nov 2008
    1.) Freely showing affection

    A big asterisk. It depends on what stage of the relationship this is and "the situation"
    A guy who freely shows affection...at very inappropriate times (tongue kissing in front of Grandma), or is freely physically affectionate too soon - like on the first date -- those are red flags.

    So yes, otherwise a green flag


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