OP. You got excellent advice back in May, and you are getting great advice again. Why are you still with this individual?

I also ask what DF asked:

"What's going on with you that you can't walk away from him and don't say "love" because that's not what love is."

And what Ms. Canuck said:

"Based on your past threads, your relationship is toxic. Quite frankly, it should have ended a while ago. Being "more open" is not going to make anything better."

However, OP:

"In relationships its normal to be open with one another when it comes to their problems. I would often open up about my issues to my bf, issues about my social anxiety back in high school and stuff or about my past relationships, of course after hearing those from me he would try and comfort me."

A BF or partner is not a therapist/counsellor/father confessor. Nor is any BF supposed to be a kind of "male GF".

Your social anxiety issues and revelations/issues about your past relationships should be discussed and disentangled in consultations with a therapist.