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Thread: BF and Daughter - Dysfunctional Family

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    Platinum Member catfeeder's Avatar
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    I've never heard of a 15 year old who was a joy to be around.

    That said, it sounds like you're distracting your own focus to make the guy's daughter into a problem rather than facing the fact that BF is not trustworthy and a lousy match for you.

    The daughter is irrelevant.

    You have your whole life in front of you.


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    Apr 2016
    I canít read the post under review except for your opening post.

    But all I saw was that you want to lock your gf in your room when your mates come over.????

    Thatís your solution?
    Keep your mate and lock your gf away?

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    Originally Posted by L0stInSpac3
    And I know Iím not stuck here either, and have the ability to leave tomorrow if I wanted.
    I think you're lying to yourself. Who would stay in this situation if they were able to leave?

    The daughter is hardly the problem--I mean, she's a problem, but she's not THE PROBLEM. She's just the icing on the Cake of Hell you've been serving yourself.

    In perspective, the kid is a teen left to her own devices, making stupid teenage decisions, in an obviously chaotic household. Unsurprising that her behavior is so sexualized when her father has been visiting hookers for her whole life. Kids pick up on their parents' mentality. They aren't idiots.

    THE PROBLEM is that you're invested in having a relationship with a lying, abusive, dismissive serial cheater and john who makes horrible life decisions.

    What's the lure? Why don't you WANT to leave? Aren't there less painful ways to have fun?

    I know it's probably very hard to face the fact that this relationship is a total loss, but that's what it is.
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