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Thread: Marriage

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    Your husband is not "incredible" or "amazing". It's his fault his ex is out of control. Why are you in their marital home with her things still in it? Why do you allow her access to your and your kids social media? Your husband is very irresponsible.
    Originally Posted by Sadness84
    Iím married to a incredible man however.....even when he and I have the kids theirs no constant reason sheís texting him.

    we allowed her to retrieve the last items she had at our home.

    he indicated that he canít because she will take away kids

    I love my husband heís an amazing person friend confidant lover but....

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    So sorry you are going thru all of this. i was stuck in a similar situation awhile back. Very manipulative ex. She never hesitated to show her worst side. And would use the kids as weapons of mass destruction.
    What I finally realized is that He was allowing it to happen. Because (in my circumstance) she had instilled in him massive guilt over the divorce, over "abandoning his children" - which was not at all the reality. But She convinced him AND the kids that everything was his fault. He was always trying to make it up to the children (who took advantage of the situation) and allowed the ex to walk all over him.
    Long story short - after much pain & heartache, I finally got out. It wasn't easy, but definitely the right thing to do.
    Can't imagine what a nightmare life would have been had I stayed.

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    Well, I have told many to never marry or date anyone with a troublesome ex. This is the results...depression/anxiety/feeling second place/disrespected. If he had no control over her before, he will never have control over her now. You can stomp your feet all you want, he's not going to do anything about it....I bet he's not going to do anything/change as you walk out that door. You are defeated, time to get the hell out of there. It would be best to have a separation, get your head straight.

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