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Thread: 7 year relationship conflict

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    Originally Posted by Nicolinaaa
    He claims that he is struggling with self-confidence and image issues and didnít feel like I was attracted to him anymore so he went to see if other girls would like his page and find him attractive. Basically he needed validation and mine wasnít enough.
    Absolute equine manure.

    He is checked out of your relationship and shopping for your replacement, and apparently arrogant enough to believe he wouldn't get caught (on a dating app, really?), or that you'd buy his b***sh*t excuse and make you feel like this is your fault.

    There is probably so much more you still don't know, and he's likely been at this longer than you thought. It was pretty bold to put himself out there on a public dating app knowing anyone could see him (and thus alert you) so my guess is that he's done this before, gotten away with it, and so he'd dialed up his antics and made a dating profile. It's a bit too ballsy to go from never having cheated to signing up for a dating app so I would bet any money there have been a few steps in between.

    Sorry OP, but when someone is acting this way, the relationship is already over. He is not a good guy. Thank the friend for cluing you in so you can get rid of him.

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    You've been with him for seven years. What kind of person has he been in those seven years? Has he displayed signs of low self-confidence before? Is this something that he has struggled with? Are his comments believable? Or has he flirted or shown interest in other girls before? Take into account everything you know about the person. It's possible he was experiencing a seven year ache and indulging in a flirtation that he didn't plan to take further (still not right or good but not the kiss of death). It's possible he was doubting himself and wanted to enjoy a little flattery. And it's possible he's being trash and taking advantage of you. What kind of person has he always been to you? Do you believe him? Is this something you think you can look past if he stops? It's your relationship, so you need to decide what you can live with. If you can, he needs to be the one to work on repairing that trust, day by day.

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