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Thread: Falling for him and complicated

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    He seems bitter when it comes to women. Yeah he says things to keep me around I get it. I have feelings for him alot and I think he knows it too. Getting Ready for a First Date

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    I'm not sure if I can stay away from him. Did I mention that he had a cigarette in his hand when I meant him and asked me for a light. He knows how to manipulate to get what he wants that's for sure.

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    He made me believe that a older woman is what he wanted.

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    He was upset and took a cheap shot saying I didn't buy him a soda because he is just sex to me.


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    I actually was not looking for long term. Seems like he's upset thinking I am just using him for sex. But he knows I like him I can tell.

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    He can't play you unless you want that also. If you think he is insincere, you need to keep it for sex only and not get emotionally attached or expect anything from him.

    He's not manipulating anyone. You wanted sex, he wanted sex, it's that simple. If you want a relationship, he has been very clear that he does not see that happening with you.
    Originally Posted by parisiangurl
    He knows how to manipulate to get what he wants that's for sure.

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    He did nothing wrong -the only problem is you are lying to yourself now because you want more than sex and he does not. He wants you to want more than sex. He also is acting in a bratty way but you consented to a sex partner and you changed your mind. He really did not. So please don't overthink this and choose what is right for your health.

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    Originally Posted by parisiangurl
    I don't understand why he is upset and thinking that it is just sex for me? Yeah In the beginning it was just sex and conversation for me. I need to decide if I can leave him alone and not answer when he calls ugh.
    Block and delete him from your phone and social media. This is not hard to do.

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    I'm not sure what II am doing. We don't share social media together.

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    Platinum Member SooSad33's Avatar
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    I heard him say under his breath that we could have something but I smoke cigarettes and also our age difference he was thinking out loud. He has smoked a cigarette with me a couple of times even though he doesn't like it. And this last time he kept asking me for cigarettes too. But then he was saying he didn't want anything serious to me and did not want to date because he thinks you can't ever please a woman.
    - THIS says enough. Get out of it.. since you have feelings.. BUT he is not happy with anything.

    Also, you have only been involved with him a month. Stop it - all of it!
    Or YOU will lose.

    He does not want, what you do.. and I think you know this.

    Move on... walk away- keep walking.

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