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I do not enjoy the attention, I usually just find it easier to say I'm not available or don't date co workers which is true than outright saying i'm not interested in dating you. And this usually work in other cases and some men back off and leave it alone. it's not comfortable having a conversation like that for me if i don't have to, so I usually try that and if doesn't work then outright reject them which isn't fun for me. which i have to do in the case unfortunately
As a man I would much rather prefer you were straight with me instead of making excuses. Sure it stings a little but it is way better than all this drama and uncomfortable crap you are going through isn't it? So a few minutes of uncomfortable conversation or months of fending off his advances, which do your prefer?

You don't need to be cruel or hurtful just tell him or any other man "Thank you but you are not my type" Some guys will get butt hurt and say stupid stuff or ask "what is your type then?" Just reply "I am trying to be nice about this, I am just not interested" then walk away.

The flirty texts should not have been ignored they should have been answered. "I do not appreciate your flirty texts, please only contact me for work related matters"

He obviously cannot take a hint so you need to make it crystal clear.