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He .... made it perfectly clear that he would never let her go completely, that shell always be in his life in one capacity or the other, that right now shes just a friend, but they do intend to meet up sometime in the near future (she lives in a different city) and if the spark is still there, he would most definitely sacrifice us to be with her.

The only thing hes apparently not sure about is whether there would be any mutual attraction when they do reunite.

.....Am I being foolish to want to keep it going?

Time to say "Buh bye!"

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He claims hes hoping wed be stable enough by then to only see her as a friend.

.....practically putting the ball in my court to decide whether Im willing to risk it all knowing that everything can fall apart at a drop of a hat.
He's also making you an unwitting competitor for him, the supposed 'trophy.' How long are you willing to compete? Sounds like this girl has been competing for over twenty years. Do you find that that impressive or depressing?

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I feel like the rug was just pulled from under me...
That's exactly what happened here. Think about when a table cloth gets yanked out from under a set table. All of the plates and silverware go flying. The table is left in disarray. That's you right now. That's a relationship with this guy. Getting Ready for a First Date