IMO, sounds like you two are basically just friends- and after this amt of time..?
He seems too hesitant.. but things should really be moving forward a bit by now.. yes?

IF he is so hesitant... no idea what his problem is? Unless.. he reacted when you explained yourself?
Then, that may be what the problem is...

I dont know why YOU are saying you are trying to see other people too?
Is there a need- that you have to? Would that not cause more strain on you at this time?
Since you are still trying to figure this one out.. I dont think you should be adding more to your life, especially if you are having issue's from your past and now this one.

I wouldn't keep initiating anything.. and make sure YOU are not the only one reaching out.
If he doesn't seem to be trying much... dont force it.

If you two dont seem to be moving along at which you are wanting, maybe let it go and stop expecting any more.

Also, I suggest you maybe not explain yourself so much right off the bat.. It may be what set him off.