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Thread: 12 weeks pregnant and i don't know what to do

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    Originally Posted by Lolly0611
    I agree, I was in my own for 3 years before I met him and it was the best time for me I learnt myself became independent and strong well....so I thought until we actually got into a relationship then it all changed...... I thought I knew him but being friends with someone is different to being in a relationship with them, I've lost faith in my judgment tbh and feel I just want to be on my own with my children I thought he was a good one
    People eventually show themselves for what they are. I'm sorry to hear this but not sorry that you're seeing it now, earlier than let's say, 2 or 5 or 20 years from now. Whatever hot soup you're in right now, it could be much worse. Pick yourself up off the ground and start planning an exit as soon as possible. If you've known independence, peace and clarity before, keep reminding yourself what that used to feel like and strive for it always. All the other stuff like good judgment and happiness will fall into place soon once you're out of an abusive or screwed up environment.

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    Personally I would not continue the relationship with this guy. There is definitely something dodgy going on here. For one thing how can a 6-year-old be allowed to have social media accounts???!! How can her father let her do this? Also how did she know about social media and how to set up the accounts??!! He probably did it for her? Social media sites generally require someone to be 18 to join their sites, or maybe at least 16. I'm not sure exactly but I'm pretty sure that it's illegal for a 6-year-old to join these sites. She could be a victim of paedophiles on these sites. It's very suspicious that your boyfriend lets her have social media and especially because she's acting flirtatious on there. This is not normal at all for a girl who is only a very small child! It does make you wonder whether there is any abuse from your boyfriend towards her. Or whether he's just a terrible and careless parent.

    I don't actually have kids but I have heard that kids can sometimes do things that seem sexual, like touching genitals. Most of the time they're just curious and they don't actually know what they're doing. Of course it would depend on what the sexual act actually is and how advanced it appears to be.

    I think though that the fact that your boyfriend is controlling and you have very different values and beliefs about raising kids, means you are incompatible. You are just not suited to each other.

    If you decide to keep the baby, you still don't have to be in a relationship with this man. You could try to get majority custody for the child. And don't allow your boyfriend to influence your child. E.g. no social media, nothing dodgy. When you file for custody you an definitely bring up the upbringing of his daughter and the social media thing. I am pro choice regarding abortion so it's your decision. I wish you all the best.

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