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Thread: I feel like sex is all I have to offer because guys mainly seek me for this

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    Have you considered taking this up with your therapist? That way someone is paid to attempt to understand whatever your issues are
    Originally Posted by ElectricLove
    The lack of reading comprehension on this site is terrible.
    Getting Ready for a First Date

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    I agree with Capricorn:

    "After reading all your responses and getting a big picture of your general thought patterns, maybe it's time to consider seeing a professional for counselling/therapy to help you figure out why and where all these bizarre thoughts are coming from. Clearly you seem to be struggling with things and don't know how to deal with it, coming across as very angry, bitter and twisted. Get help because you'll carry this with you for the rest of your life and into every relationship, making for a very sad, lonely and miserable life."

    And also what Abit said:

    "you have to up your standards of who you will accept a date from, start to frequent places where me are not out trolling for women (not bars or clubs), and where your intellect and heart are showcased and so is theirs (volunteering, academic pursuits), etc. you will have better luck. Or don't accept dinner dates. Do lunch, bowling, mini golf, something light hearted that never involves sex for the first time getting to know them"

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    Thread has run its course...Closed.

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