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Thread: Breakup out of the blue, was it limerence/infatuation?

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    Platinum Member Rose Mosse's Avatar
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    Mar 2019
    If this is really what she said "I needed space because I was bad and you totally did the contrary!!" I also don't know what you're supposed to make of it. I wouldn't read into it. This message is confusing coming from an even more confusing person. Steer clear and leave her in the past. You have to recognize that not everyone operates at the same level or is looking for the same things you are looking for in a decent relationship.

    Just let go and keep focusing you, your wellbeing and less about her and what she's trying to say. Once you've already established that someone isn't trustworthy, trying to read into that person's actions and words is a waste of time.
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    Platinum Member boltnrun's Avatar
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    Jan 2015
    Real love doesn't go away in days, but neither does it come within days.

    Too much, too soon, too unstable and not sustainable.

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    Sep 2020
    Thank you. Yes and during the week when she was cold, i let a few days pass, just said i was here for her, then 2 more days she was cold again. I thought it was then natural to know what was going on when i saw her. But she said she didnt know and continued to act in a cold way all the day..so i felt really bad. Moreover she never said she needed space...i would honestly have understood and let the space. But here i feel like i didn't harass her. Its normal to feel bad if your loved one becomes totally cold and ask why after a few days i think. Even to shed a tear as she was so cold...i mean i am a human and if she loved me/i wasn't the problem she would have reassured me i guess..?
    But yes i guess i shouldn't try to understand what she was trying to say and should not give credit to what she said.
    Thanks you it helps me a lot and reassure me!

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