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Thread: Should I take a part time position that pays more, with the same benefits?

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    Originally Posted by catfeeder
    You don't need to describe job experience as part time or full time, so that's irrelevant. Would the work itself benefit your experience?
    I respectfully disagree. I've always indicated this on a resume because if they call references they will find out. in certain fields they would want to know that as far as level of experience.

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    Keep in mind that things like hours are subject to change. Depending on the field, if something comes up and they need you for more hours, that arrangement can disappear in a second. A company can promise a lot of things, but you never really know what you are getting into until you are there.

    I'd focus on two things. One, career advancement. Is this a place where you can grow professionally, acquire new skills, and work your way forward to whatever your career goals may be? Two, company culture. Is this a company you would actually enjoy working for? You want to enjoy going to the job, no matter how many hours it is or what the pay is. Believe me, all the perks in the world is not worth the stress and frustration of dealing with a company you don't enjoy being at.

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