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    How realistic is traveling to Mauritius for a wedding in the first place with travel restrictions? Have you both looked into this? When is the wedding date? What are your other commitments? Are both of you not working at the moment? What time can you afford to book off or work from home when it comes to quarantining upon your return?

    The best thing to do is have a mature and adult discussion with your fiancee. She shouldn't be saying that it's your decision. She's pushing a major decision onto you and this is not a great sign if it means living and working together as a team the rest of your life together.

    Encourage her to be more open and have a sincere dialogue together. Talk about your challenges and other commitments surrounding the wedding planning. Express your concerns and feelings about not having your close family present in Mauritius. See how she reacts to you too and whether she is blithely and totally emotionless about it or robotic or whether she's empathetic at all. I think it's a red flag if your fiancee is not able to see eye to eye with you or if, so early on, you're already seeing signs that she's got no compassion or care whatsoever.

    This should be a time of great joy and celebration, not one of stress, confusion, second guessing your choice of partner or feeling hurt. Maybe both of you need to go back to basics and figure out whether you get along in the first place.

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    The Ashes of The Past
    A wedding shouldn't be about location, travel arrangements, status, recreating something from your family's past, etc. The purpose is officially uniting two people who love each other and are vowing to spend their life together. Everything else is a bonus. So the two of you need to talk it out and determine what is essential to each of you and how much each of you is willing to compromise. You will need to be able to do just that when you are married on a variety of subjects. If the wedding brings fighting, that is something that should be address before you get married.

    Personally, if your family can't travel, then I think a local wedding makes more sense. If her parents were willing to pay for your family to travel, they can use that money to travel themselves. Then the honeymoon can be in Mauritius. No one gets everything they want, but you all get something. That's the kind of compromise you'll get used to in a marriage.

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