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Thread: How can I motivate him to call me his girlfriend

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    Originally Posted by mayflower165
    Quick update, we’re still going strong and I decided not to worry so much about the labels since every thing else has been going great. We went out on a date this past weekend and he casually said.. “yea I was telling someone that (my girl) is also a teacher” as he refers to me. And later on in the week he also casually says yea we’re a cute couple. I like how him and I always end up on the same page so i don’t have to bring up awkward conversations.
    Sounds good! Make sure you're not telling yourself it's just a label -as long as you are ok with the substance of your commitment it's fine to want him to express what you mean to him by calling you his girl. It's not just a label!

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    My husband and I never called each other boyfriend and girlfriend while we just dating. We just used each other's names. If fact, we didn't make it Facebook official till we got married.

    Be weary only when you don't meet their friends, coworkers or important peeps in their life. My girl, my lady, is girlfriend in my book though. Lover is just lover, and not bf and gf. Any way life is too short, if you see him as your bf, then just use the term bf when introducing him. If you want to break the ice, call him manfriend, and see what he says. But don't be afraid to tell someone you like them and see them as a partner considering you've already discussed being together by choice.

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