There are books on couples communication you can read together. Take turns reading a chapter per day to each other. One good one is Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus. Another good book to think about how to show love to your partner is The Five Love Languages.

What do you do to make her life easier and show how much you care? If that area could use a boost, some ideas are: foot and back massages, picking up something special for her on the way home from work like gourmet cupcakes or flowers, watching your child on a certain night or day during the week so she can have alone time or time with a hobby, having someone else babysit once a month so you two can have a date night/day, write a letter on everything you appreciate about her, start a new hobby you can do together. She should respond in kind, and if not, ask for what you wish for.

If you are regularly in a bad mood and want to self-isolate, those could be signs of depression so look into that as a possibility. I know it was the case with my ex and the reason for our marriage's demise. Don't let it get to the point where all the bitterness kills all the love. Good luck.