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Thread: I feel unloved in my marriage

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    Spamming again?
    Originally Posted by tatyan47
    Volikov's test.

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    GO ON DATES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! without the baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Infants are very overwhelming - you lose sleep when they teethe, get sick, gas, bored, anything. And I want you to date to have fun with no expectations. Just go and get to know each other again. As much as people like to think men can be turned on like a light, they don't. They get stressed out too. So I'm telling ya, get the rents to watch the kid, and go out - hiking, biking, a restaurant if possible, picnic, just get out there together

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    Sorry to hear that. I think you should stay with his parents Hawaii trying to overcome this situation and make it in your favor.
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