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Thread: Ex doesn't want anything serious

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    Your 18 years is showing! You need to accept that she is not interested in you. Time to move on.

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    I can tell you right now, you will not like the answers you get. The short version is. She told you that she has no interest in you, she is going to date others, you have to accept that.
    But you are thinking of a way to have her see you in the same light as she did before. If you try you will fail. I will tell you why. 1. She has made up her mind. She has already moved on from you and does not like you in a way to want to kiss you. 2. She has someone else in mind. You are out of the picture. 3. She has already accepted to have you as a friend which means that she has already moved on and disconnected from you. 4. If you try to get her back or make her see you as a boyfriend, you will only end up reinforcing her decision to not like you. 5. If you try anything she will distance herself from you more and more.

    Its over..

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