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Thread: Dumpers, why would you ever agree to meet up with dumpee?

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    Curious as to how this turned out.
    As for the "let's catch up." I have a bad recent experience with this, as I was confused at what the repeated efforts of catching up was while I avoided, as the dumpee. In the end it never happened I told them to leave me alone [however this was an 8 year relationship vs the 2 months here.]
    Good luck

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    I would decide based on how I feel about that person. Certainly, much time has passed to allow for any hurt feelings to dissipate. Looking back, how did I feel about the relationship with them. Frankly, no contact from the person for that period of time makes me a bit cautious as to their motives. If I thought the relationship with them at the time was unhealthy and the compatibility was low, then I would not meet up.

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